First 1001 Days Movement

First 1001 Days Movement is a group of organisations and professionals working together to campaign about the importance of the emotional wellbeing of babies. Their mission is to drive change by inspiring, supporting and challenging national and local decision makers to value and invest in babies’ emotional wellbeing and development in the first 1001 days.

First 1001 Days Movement Logo

The revitalised brand uses the idea of emotional connections through time.  

First 1001 Days Movement Logo
The Logo

The logo features overlapping shapes, this connection demonstrates the continuity of care and support given to babies during the first 1001 days, and the charity's inclusive and collaborative approach.


From conception through to toddler years (and onwards) a parent has their initial relationship with their baby through touch, cradling their bump, holding a newborn and carrying, holding hands and supporting a toddler. This insight has been used to create illustrations that demonstrate a mother cradling her bump and a parent and toddler holding hands. This visually depicts the journey through the first 1001 days.