Lily Loves Flora

Lily Loves Flora is a boutique florist based in Kenilworth. Their bouquets change with the seasons, from bright, vibrant Summery blooms to rich, indulgent Autumnal hues. 


Lily Loves Flora are renowned for their beautiful wreaths which are made to order throughout the year. During Spring they’re bursting with daffodils, snow drops and light green foliage, then in Autumn they are packed full of hydrangeas, crab apples and blackberries, and in Winter they feature holly, berries and pine.

Lily loves banner.jpg

The revitalised brand uses the idea of ‘seasonality’ as it’s foundation for the new logo, colour palette and illustrations. 

Lily Loves Flora Logo
The Logo

The logo is framed using a wreath crafted from British foliage and flowers. The wreath has a blue tit and bumblebee nestled within it to demonstrate Lily Loves Flora’s connection to nature and their rural surroundings.

Lily Loves Flora Spring Logo
Lily Loves Flora Autumn Logo
Lily Loves Flora Christmas Logo
Evolving with the seasons

The logo and colour palette subtly changes and evolves with the seasons incorporating flowers, foliage and wildlife appropriate to the time of year.