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Pigpen Aromatherapy

Pigpen is an aromatherapy company nestled in the heart of Warwickshire. Housed in a renovated Victorian building within Helena's garden, the name references the buildings original use as a pigpen.


From the Pigpen, Helena offers a range of aromatherapy treatments using organic skincare products, including massage, facials and reiki. The essence of the brand identity is inspired by the natural botanicals used in all of Helena’s treatments and products. 

​The visual identity features a playful pigs tail on the top of the 'g' as a nod to the buildings original use. Soft, delicate patterns add a natural, botanical quality to the visual identity. 

Together we have designed packaging for all of Helena’s products including bath salts, aroma room sprays and essential oils as well as social media templates and marketing materials. 

Pigpen Aromatherapy Logo
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