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Snug Rug

The Snug Rug Company

The Snug Rug Company was founded by Kara in 2023.


Kara lived in Asia for nearly a decade, where nearly every household had a lovely soft rug (called a tatami mat). On returning home to the UK Kara realised there wasn't anything like it on the market and so partnered with Momomi Japan to bring their award winning rugs to the UK for the first time, and so The Snug Rug Company was born.


I worked with Kara to define the brand, identify the target audience, name the business and design all of the brand touch points including social platform assets, marketing materials and an exhibition stand.


The rugs are the most wonderfully squishy soft rugs, perfect for homes with young children. The logo has been designed to reflect this, with a soft, friendly and warm aesthetic. The pastel colours are inspired by the rug colour range. I also designed a range of playful illustrations to support the branding and provide a unique visual language. 

The Snug Rug Co.
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